The Broholmer

Description of the Broholmer

Broholmer is a big dog breed that descends from the Mastiff. It's a very old race that has been close to extinction several times. It is a calm and good-natured dog with a good temper. The Broholmer is watchful, but never aggressive and incredibly suitable as a family dog.


The broholmer is a steady and nerve-fast dog that does not let anything knock it down. As a watchdog, it is willful, confident and incorruptably faithful to its owners.

While the broholmer is watchful, it is a family dog who appreciates family gathering. It is therefore not suitable for dog kennels or long days alone at home. It also enjoys trips to the woods, although its exercise needs are not much.

Dog history

The Broholmer's remarkable history stretches far back in time. Originally, it was called 'the old Danish dog' and can be traced back to the Middle Ages. This race was close to extinction in 1850 when courtmaster Sehested from the castle Broholm decided to try and save the breed. He succeeded, and the breed was named after the castle and was now called the broholmer.

However, the Broholmer experienced an almost extinction, and in 1974 it was decided to start a new rescue operation. It was possible to reconstruct the breed and today the breed is fairly common again.

Appearance, fur care and health

The Broholmer is a large, rectangular and heavily built dog with calm movements. The head is big and wide and it has loose throat. Strong and muscular legs. The tail is carried in a hanging position.

The Broholmer is approx. 75 cm tall and weighs 50-70 kg.

The broholmer's yellow-brown coat is short and smooth with a heavy undercoat. In addition, it may have white markings on the breasts and paws. The breed is also found in black.

The coat is easy to wipe with a damp cloth and brush when it sheds.

What you should know about the breed:

- Refuses to cooperate if you use coercion, violence and yelling

- Easy to educate

- Do not walk on stairs, long walks and jump as it grows

- Quiet indoors

- Protective and patient of children

- thrives well with other domestic animals