When we were signed up for our second Broholmer, we hoped for a male dog.

But there was not a male in the litter that matched us.

After a chat, we agreed that we wanted a bitch, and we quickly fell in love with Frigg.

Our new adventure had at this point already started without us knowing it ....

Frigg is known for her lovely mind. She is very calm and good-natured.

There is no doubt she wants the best for her family.

She looks after us, is a good watchdog and enjoys life here on the farm.

After Frigg was approved for breeding, we got a taste for it.

She performed well at the following exhibitions and got the mark Excellent.

There was no doubt that this was the moment she should be part of the breeding program, when we were contacted by Charlotte Havgaard, who owns Humle Wspomnienie Darmy.

Frigg and Humle is a perfect match, and Humle is a champion in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Frigg was a wonderful mother for her first litter.

She has subsequently evolved and she is, now more than ever, a beautiful dog. More full-bodied and heavy in her expression.