Home bred - socialisation

The puppies are born in a puppy crate, which is in our kitchen dining area.

They will grow up in the heart of the house. 

We have built a ramp, so they quickly can get outside when they are old enough for it, and hopefully get used to relieve themselves outside.

When they are old enough, they are gradually presented with toys and eventually they end up living in a cozy 'puppy garden' filled with toys and activities.

After they have received the first vaccine at 7 weeks, we take them on a trip to town, so they have been in a car, before they move to new homes, which we also stimulate at home, by a sensory swing.

Both of our girls are a part of it and therefore the puppies are also accustomed to children.

The puppies will be abel to play around in our big garden, so they get a lot of impressions and least of all to meet all our animals on the farm.

We comply with the breeding recommendations given by DKK and Broholmerselskabet, regarding in-breeding, index, mental and exterior.

Thomas has built a puppy bar and puppy box