If you want to buy a puppy

Buying a puppy is based on trust, so it is important that there is mutual chemistry between us.

It is very important for us that our puppies will come live with the right families.

Therefore, we make some demands for you as puppy buyer.

If you decide you want a puppy from Højmarksgaarden's Kennel, we will send a puppy form, which is to be returned to us.

If you are approved for a puppy, you will be put on our waiting list in random order. It's not about coming first.

We will work with you to find the right puppy and we will work according to your wishes and ambitions for the dog.

The first 3 weeks after the birth, mother and puppies must have rest. Then we expect you to visit the puppies to keep up with their development.

In this respect, some dates will be made with open house, where you can make a request and a bid. Either on all or minimum 2 visits.

We expect commitment and that you show interest in your new family member.

We create a closed facebook group where you can follow before and after birth.

In this group, information will also be posted, so please keep in mind.

We expect you to get your puppy breed approved.

This is a requirement from us, among other things because we want to know if we breed good healthy puppies and not in the least to help to ensure there is also Broholmers in the future.

What is included in the puppy's price

- Health check by the vet

- Vaccinated for the first time

- Has been deworming

- A chip

- Health book

- Puppies going abroad will receive a passport

- Acana feed for the first days

- Puppy folder with useful information

- Carpet that smells of mother and siblings

- Help and support for your dog now and in the future

- Information about feeding

- Puppy day held at our place