About us

We are a small family of 4.

Thomas is a carpenter and Helle is a flower decorator.

We live on a farm in Vipperød on Zealand with our two lovely girls, Anna who is 13 years old, and Ida who is 11 years old.

We have Frigg and Nora, our two dogs of the Broholmer race. Frigg is the mother of Nora.

Also living here are our cats, Hubert, Gilbert and Albert, they tend to the live in the stables.

In addition, we have chickens that walk around freely in our garden.

We are known for not doing anything half-hearted. So when we decided that Frigg would be part of the breeding program, Thomas took an education in breeding. Then we got our own kennel name, 'Højmarksgaardens'.

We have also become distributors of Acana and Orijen since Birgitte from Acana Denmark held a lecture about the award winning dog food in our house.

Read more about it here

We have had a completely fantastic journey since Frigg,  March 9th 2017, got her first litter of 9 beautiful puppies;  a great experience and all the work was worth it.

Now it has become a family project and helping to maintain the old Danish Broholmer, gives us even more desire to live out our dream.

Thomas and Helle