Acana and Orijen food

Højmarksgaarden's Kennel

We have chosen to feed our dogs with Acana and Orijen, we think it is the best dog food.

It is the most award-winning food on the market.


Acana contains up to 75% meat, it is 3 times as much as in conventional dog food.


Acana is a luxury food for dogs, even though it is a luxury food, it is affordable. Acana has been produced by Champion Petfoods from Canada since 1980.

Acana is sold in more than 40 countries and is a highly recognized animal food. The biologically correct food imitates the large amounts of fresh and varied meat that dogs would consume in their natural environment if they lived in the wild.

The food is rich in proteins, and also has a low carbohydrate content and is packed with different varieties of poultry, meat and fish, all of which are FRESH and free-range animals, and completely non-preservative. In addition, it is filled with juice from delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of course, no color or other additives are added, and the food does not contain GMO modified substances.

Wheat and gluten are completely deselected from the Acana food as there is a suspicion that wheat and gluten promote allergies.

Acanine feed does NOT contain antibiotics or hormones.


Acana dog food is included in the "rotation" food series. Your dog can therefore switch between the different flavors, without having to start all over again with the new food.

This is perfect for dogs that are very picky as they may have several different variants to choose from in the daily usage.


Try Acana dog food and all the delicious flavors.